• HPC acquires additional Atlantic City Boardwalk wood

    With the last remnants of the north end of the Atlantic City Boardwalk that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy piled at the old Bader Field airstrip awaiting removal to local landfills, the Atlantic City department of Revenue and Finance under the direction of Budget Officer Tom Monaghan held an auction of the remaining AC Boardwalk wood on Friday, March 1, 2013. The Historic Pen Company was able to increase its holdings by acquiring a large quantity of the Tropical Hardwood Boardwalk wood along with the lower grade pine undercarriage.

    This auction acquisition will afford HPC the ability to create a more diverse product line of not only AC Boardwalk pens made from the Ipe boards but also a more diverse collection of pine product that may be expanded to include not only magnets and window ornaments but jewelry and souvenir tokens.

    New Atlantic City Boardwalk product will be introduced over the next several months and will be available online and in local gift shops and other retail locations.

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