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      • Off a Beaten Path - Artisan Pen Maker Tim Cullen

        Artisan Pen Maker Tim Cullen makes pens that are living history. Off a Beaten Path BY SUZANNE C. LEE   Tim Cullen employs eclectic and distinct materials for his pens that are meaningful in and of themselves, with long histories, and the final design bears not only the story and...

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    Welcome to the History Salvaged, LLC and thank you for supporting our efforts to "Keep History Alive" through the repurposing of reclaimed  and salvaged Witness Wood® and other materials of Historic and Cultural significance. At History Salvaged take pride in our handcrafted, Made in the USA gifts, collectibles, art and heirlooms. Whether you use them, collect them, or gift them, we hope you will also pass History Salvaged Heirloom Quality writing instruments and other collectibles, art and heirlooms down to future generations so that the history and story that each History Salvaged creation contains will be retold again and again.