• Superstorm Sandy, The Shack and Atlantic City's Boardwalk

    Located in Southern Ocean County, New Jersey, The Historic Pen Company continues to support and participate in the clean up following Superstorm Sandy while aiding our neighbors, friends and businesses. 

    One of our featured cultural sites was the iconic Shack located in the marsh on the Route 72 Causeway connecting the mainland with Long Beach Island, the welcoming site that announced to visitors, vacationers and locals that the beach was just a few more minutes straight ahead, is no more, succumbing to Sandy.

    Built in the 1920's to shelter local hunters and fisherman, The Shack has had a long and storied history, one that has included a half century of "posing" for artists and photographers and even being dressed for Halloween and Christmas, and never missing an opportunity to show her patriotic colors on the 4th of July, Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

    Sandy did in one fateful day what nearly 100 years and countless other storms could not, wash The Shack away! 

    RIP our old friend.

    The Shack

    ca. 1920 - October 30, 2012 

    HPC also lent a hand helping to clean up America's Playground, Atlantic City. Throughout the process we were dismayed to see the damage done to the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk on the northern end of Absecon Island. Fortunately, we were able to salvage a small quantity of the Boardwalk, including some tropical hardwoods that were being carted off to landfills during the clean up.

    We hope to repurpose this historic wood that would otherwise have been lost. Stay tuned as we develop a collection of heirloom Atlantic City Boardwalk product.

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