• Our Prayers go out to Seaside Heights and Seaside Park, NJ

    Our heart aches for the people of Ocean County, NJ, Seaside Heights and Seaside Park today after witnessing first hand the fire that destroyed 32 businesses and a large portion of the famous boardwalk.

    We happened to be in Seaside Heights yesterday visiting our friends at Lucky Leo’s and the Boardwalk Memorabilia Store on the Boardwalk as we were delivering the new Seaside Heights 100th Anniversary Ornaments so they would be available for weekends 100th Anniversary celebration, when the fire broke out.

    Frankly, you can’t make this up! There isn’t a screen writer in Hollywood who would put to paper a project that would include a hurricane that devastates a community, the resilience of that community and its continued rebuilding and recovery efforts: when in the middle of that recovery, less than 12 months later that same community is hit by a 6 alarm fire, destroying 32 businesses along with damaging a large portion of the rebuilt boardwalk, other businesses, buildings and homes!

    We HPC pray for peace of mind to all those affected by this latest tragedy, a quick recovery!

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