• Bulloch Hall, James Dunwody Bulloch and Teddy Roosevelt

    HPC has acquired a small quantity of both Osage Orange and Royal Paulownia wood removed from the Bulloch Hall, the childhood home of President Teddy Roosevelt mother as well as home to the Confederate Secret Service financier of covert naval operations James Dunwody Bulloch (James Dunwody Bulloch wrote the check that financed the proposed kidnapping of Abraham Lincoln, a kidnapping attempt that turned into the assassination). The Bullock family has a long history entwined with that of the Colonies and the founding of the United States, including Continental Congress representative from Georgia, Archibald Bulloch, Revolutionary War Captain - James Bulloch and War of 1812 Major - James Stephans Bulloch.

    The gracious and elegant Bulloch Hall was built in Roswell, Georgia in 1839 by Major James Stephens Bulloch one of Roswell’s first settlers and grandson of Governor Archibald Bulloch, and his wife Martha Stewart Elliott Bulloch, daughter of General Daniel Stewart.

    The dining room of Bulloch Hall was the setting on December 22, 1853 of the wedding of their youngest daughter, Mittie Bulloch, to Theodore Roosevelt (Sr.). The new Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt were entertained at homes in Roswell for several days after the wedding. The couple lived in New York City where they raised their family of four children Anna, Corinne, Theodore, and Elliott. 

    Son Theodore became the twenty-sixth President of the United States. In October 1905, he traveled through the southern states and came to Roswell especially to visit his mother’s childhood home. Mittie Bulloch Roosevelt's other son, Elliott, was the father of Eleanor Roosevelt who married Franklin D. Roosevelt and became our nation’s first lady. Eleanor visited the Hall while at Warm Springs.

    Pens are currently being designed to enhance the beauty of these fine woods.

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