• HPC secure a limited quantity of Warner Brothers Studio wood

    The Historic Pen Company has acquired a limited quantity of beautiful Douglas Fir from the 1936 Warner Brothers Prop and Studio Building. Founded in 1918, Warner Brothers is one of the world's largest producers of film and television entertainment. In 1904 the Brothers focused on film distribution but by World War I they were producing films and in 1918 opened the Warner Bros. Studio on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. In April of 1923, with help from a loan, they formally incorporated Warner Brothers Pictures. In 2008 building 89 on the historic Warner Brothers lot was carefully deconstructed to make way for a new sound stage. Committed to recycling, Warner Brothers preserved some of the Douglas Fir timbers from that building. These timbers have been used in the background of films featuring notable superstars such as John Barrymore, Betty Davis, Humphrey Bogard, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Barbara Streisand, Clint Eastwood and Rin Tin Tin. 

    This is truly lumber with a story of its own. HPC is proud to have been able to secure a small collection of this wood and will create a series of custom pens for the discerning collector and enthusiast.

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