• Pre-order "Restore The Shore" Ornaments and Magnets

    The Historic Pen Company is developing for release on December 15, 2012: Ornaments and Magnets made from Authentic Wildwood Boardwalk, Authentic Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk and Authentic Rockaway Beach Boardwalk wood.

    These unique HPC products will not only allow the public to own pieces of NJ and NY cultural history that has brought pleasure to generations of people along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean but you will also be supporting efforts to Restore the Shore, Heal Hoboken and Stand for Staten Island as the Historic Pen Company will donate a portion of each sale to an assortment of organizations dedicated to post Sandy recovery including: the Sandy Relief Fund and the American Red Cross Relief Fund.

    Whether you hang an ornament on your Christmas Tree, in a window or from your rearview mirror or put a magnet on your refrigerator, these unique items will be a reminder of what was, what is and the strength and resilience of the American Spirit.

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