• City of Philadelphia to present pen to Pope Francis made from original construction Independence Hall Witness Wood®

    City of Philadelphia to present pen to Pope Francis made from original construction Independence Hall Witness Wood®

    Philadelphia, PA, August 17, 2015: The Historic Pen Company and, LLC are proud to announce not only the recent acquisition of the only documented original construction wood ever removed from the Birthplace of America, Independence Hall but that HPC has agreed to create a work of functional art in the form of an Heirloom Quality Pen for the City of Philadelphia to present to His Holiness Pope Francis during his September 22, 2015.

    Committed to creating Made in the USA historic heirloom quality works of art and function,, LLC has committed to utilize its design and artisan capabilities in the creation of fine quality heirloom writing instruments made from pieces of our historic past by salvaging and repurposing small pieces of Witness Wood® from historic and cultural sites, buildings, vessels and items that would normally be discarded and lost to history.

    The United States boasts one of the richest and most important historical traditions of any nation in the world. As the birthplace of freedom and democracy, America is home to many unique historical sites that continue to have a special place in the hearts of Americans today. Sites like Independence Hall have a hallowed significance in our history, but like all structures, they must undergo periodic maintenance and rehabilitation. When this occurs, much of the original materials are discarded without regard to their historic value.

    The Historic Pen Company was founded to repurpose these materials into lasting heirlooms and collectibles that can be handed down generation after generation with the respect and veneration they deserve.

    The Historic Pen Company recently acquired the only documented wood ever removed from Independence Hall. This amazing Witness Wood®, removed during the 1898 restoration and renovation of Independence Hall will be fashioned into numbered Limited Edition fine writing instruments and cufflinks and made available to the public.

    These handcrafted limited edition collections will be created using precious and semi-precious materials including: silver, pewter, rhodium, brass, 18K gold and more to feature original construction pieces of Independence Hall Witness Wood® that once felt the footsteps and touch of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams among others.

    Working with the City of Philadelphia, HPC has designed a Fountain Pen using solid silver hardware that will feature a barrel and cap made from Original Construction Witness Wood® from Independence Hall removed during the 1898 restoration and expansion of the Birthplace of America, that will Commemorate Pope Francis’ visit with appropriate engravings. Additional, HPC will handcraft a “sister” pen from the same piece of Independence Hall Witness Wood® for the City of Philadelphia.

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