• HPC Acquires pieces from the Reigart Collection

    John S. Reigart was born in 1833/34 in New York City where he resided for most of his life. In his occupation as a bank clerk, Reigart took pride in record keeping and precise penmanship as evidenced not only by his record books but also in the way he detailed the identification labels he often affixed to pieces in his collection of American Historical Artifacts. 

    During the mid and late 19th century Reigart assembled a comprehensive collection of "relics" from every period of America's history. Clearly aware of the importance of provenance, Reigart included detailed documentation for all of the pieces in his extensive collection in the form of period ink script notes, many of which he attached to the actual artifacts.

    Reigart's collection was discovered in the estate of a deceased Connecticut book dealler and pieces have been authenticated by some of the largest auction houses in America. 

    HPC is proud to have been able to acquire several Witness Wood® pieces of the Reigart Collection some of which will be repurposed into opne of a kind Hierloom pens. HPC is committed to preserving the memory, vision and collection of John S. Reigart and only items that are decaying and a state where their fragility puts them at risk of being lost forever to history will be stabilized and repurposed.

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