• FORD'S THEATRE "Witness Wood" to produce 2 heirloom pens!

    The Historic Pen Company has secured a rare piece of Americana in the form of a small piece if of wood removed during the 1960 remodeling of Ford's Theatre.


    Ford’s Theatre continues to celebrate the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and explores the American experience through theatre and education. Today Ford's Theatre is not only a working theatre but an historical monument, world-class museum and learning center, Ford’s Theatre is the premier destination in Washington, D.C., to explore and celebrate Lincoln’s ideals and leadership principles: courage, integrity, tolerance, equality and creative expression.


    In 1861 theatre manager John T. Ford leased out the abandoned First Baptist Church on Tenth Street to create Ford’s Theatre and over the next few years, the venue became a popular stage for theatrical and musical productions. On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincolnvisited Ford’s for his twelfth time for a performance of Our American Cousin. At this performance, John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln; he died the next morning in the Petersen House, a boarding house located across the street. Ford’s Theatre remained closed for more than 100 years.


    Because the pen has square holes in it from the square cut nails used during original construction, HPC expects to get on 2 high quality fine writing instruments from this wonderful example of “Witness Wood” and is currently deciding how to best utilize this amazing piece of American History.


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