• General "Stonewall" Jackson Prayer Tree

    During the Civil War, General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and 15,0000 men under his command encamped between the Middle and South Rivers following the end of the Shenandoah Valley Campaign in May and June 1862.

    General Jackson stopped to pray under a massive white oak tree where during the encampment troops also gathered for prayer beneath the oak. In Shenandoah Valley lore this giant oak became known as the Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree.

    Over time this 350 year old oak tree stood proudly on the edge of a farm field, located near Mt. Meridan in Augusta County, Grottoes, Virginia: owned by Warren E. and Catherine M. Wilkerson and their family. On May 27, 2011 the disease weakened Oak was blown down by high winds.

    HISTORY SALVAGED is proud to be working on two exclusive pen designs incorporating pieces of the Jackson Prayer Tree and in our continuing efforts to "Keep History Alive" by making "Witness Wood" available to our customers, we expect to make these heirlooms available to our customers in early January. 

    To reserve one of these heirloom works of historic significance please email:

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