History Salvaged "Whiskey, Wine & Spirits" collection like most of our handcrafted product is made to order, with delivery typically within 2 weeks. Therefore, we offer custom engraving on all pens in the collection at no charge.

Personalizing one of our "Whiskey, Wine & Spirit" pens adds to the uniqueness of these collector quality works of functional art!


History Salvaged Jack Daniels pens are produced from barrels that were used to age Jack Daniels Whiskey to perfection over a 7-year period.
Jack Daniels sour mash Tennessee Whiskey is the best selling whiskey in the world. Known for its distinctive square bottles and black label, Jack Daniels generally meets the regulatory criteria for the classification of as straight bourbon but the company has long disavowed this classification and markets its product simply as Tennessee Whiskey.



History Salvaged Jim Beam pens are produced from once use white oak barrels that were used to age Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey for 4 years.
Jim Beam is the best selling brand of bourbon in the world. Founded in 1795 and family operated for 7 generations, it was in 1933 after Colonel James B. Beam rebuilt the business following prohibition that the company was given the Jim Beam name. The Company flagship product production is still supervised by family craftsman mixing corn, rye, barley and water in a time-tested recipe



History Salvaged has a small quantity of specialty Churchill’s Port wood from port barrels from the first British Port wine company to have been established in over 50 years.
Established in 1981, in Churchill’s short history the company has built an enviable reputation for producing Port Wines of the highest quality, reflected by their impressive performance at comparative tastings worldwide over this time.
A Churchill’s Port Barrel Pen is a must for any port wine enthusiast.



“The Best Spirit in the World”History Salvaged Highland Park pens are made from barrels used to produce this famous Scotch Whiskey to the same exacting standards since 1798 and is the only whiskey in history to score a rating of 100% by the regular team of The Scotsman, a national newspaper of Scotland.

A wonderful gift for the discerning Scotch connoisseur.



For 300 years the Easter Elchies House, the spiritual home of The Macallan, has stood on the banks of the Spey as a symbol of Scottish fortitude, the same house depicted on The Macallan's packaging.

History Salvaged Macallan pens handcrafted by History Salvaged artisans from wood from Macallan Scotch Whiskey barrels, a brand of single malt Scotch Whiskey first distilled in 1824 and currently the “third largest selling single malt” in the world.



One of the most strongly flavored of all Scotch Whiskies, the Laphroaig Pens are made from Quarter Casks of Single Malt, Laphroaig Scotch Whiskey.
Laphroaig is the only whiskey to carry the Royal Warrant of the Prince of Wales and Laphroaig’s 15-year old is reportedly the favorite Scotch Whiskey of the Prince.



Matured in Oak Casks, Glenfiddich Scotch Whiskey pens are made from wood from an oak cask used to store the wide range of Glenfiddich blends.
The only Scotch Whiskey to use natural spring water, not much has changed at the Glenfiddich Distillery since the first spirit ran from the stills on Christmas Day, 1887. Still independent, it is owned and run by the 5th generation family of founder William Grant.



History Salvaged 5-inch Wine Barrel pens feature your choice of 24k Gold Plated or Platinum Rhodium hardware. These oak pens are painstakingly handcrafted by our History Salvaged Artisan Wood Pen Makers who face the challenge of "saving" a patch of the wine-stained oak through the process of turning and finishing. 

When you consider that only the inside of a wine barrel retains a stain of the wines it held and that the stain penetrates approximately 1/32 of an inch of the oak only a very skilled craftsman can save any remnant of that very thin stain.

The Wine Barrel Pen is truly a one of a kind piece of art that any wine enthusiast would be proud to own.