• Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Tulip Poplar Rollerball

    Thomas Jefferson

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    • Custom Rhodium & Black Titanium design Rollerball
    • Limited Collection created from Witness Wood® acquired by local Virginia artisans from the home of our 3rd President: Monticello
    • Witness Wood® used in the Thomas Jefferson Pen is tulip poplar from a tree that was felled on the estate
    • Silver Witness Wood® jewel cap
    • Engraved Thomas Jefferson Monticello
    • Made in the USA
    • Each pen is individually handcrafted and therefore may vary in look and feel

    Thomas Jefferson - author of the Declaration of Independence and the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, third President of the United States, and founder of the University of Virginia - voiced the aspirations of a new America as no other individual of his era. As a public official, historian, philosopher, and plantation owner, he served his country for over five decades.

    In 1769, Jefferson began building his house on the plantation that he inherited from his father, Peter Jefferson and although still incomplete in the 1780s, but even so impressed European visitors with the sophistication of its design. By 1809, Jefferson finished the rebuilding of Monticello begun in 1796. He transformed the original eight-room Palladian villa, with its tall two-story portico, into a 21-room house designed in the fashionable Neoclassical style he saw in France.

    Jefferson, an avid horticulturist, also created the gardens at Monticello, which were a botanic showpiece, a source of food, and an experimental laboratory of ornamental and useful plants from around the world. He experimented with plant species brought over from Europe and was particularly interested in developing vineyards.


    All pens are handcrafted by Master Pen Craftsman and are made in America.

    Each is individually hand made and each varies in look and feel both in grain and shape.

    History Salvaged product is guaranteed authentic and made utilizing the wood describe and in conjunction with our partner clients.

    History Salvaged products arrive in Eco-Friendly packaging.

  • Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Tulip Poplar Rollerball
  • Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Tulip Poplar Rollerball

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