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    Ronald Reagan

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    Ronald Reagan Nouveau Twist Ballpoint

      • Handcrafted Nouveau styled Twist Ballpoint with collector quality Rhodium hardware featuring 24K Gold Plated hand-carved accents.
      • Created from two trees, madrone and pacific live oak encroaching on the family ranch house, at Reagan's beloved Rancho del Cielo
      • Engraved: Ronald Reagan - Rancho del Cielo
      • Made in the USA.
      • Each pen is individually handcrafted and therefore may vary in look and feel.
      • As all of History Salvaged pens are custom made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

    Details and Provenance

    Rancho del Cielo translated as “Ranch in the Heavens” overlooks the Santa Ynez Valley and the Pacific Ocean and is the 688-acre ranch known simply as The Reagan Ranch. Purchased by the Reagan’s in 1974, the ranch and c.1872 adobe house became the Western White House and was the place that Nancy and our 40th President Ronald Reagan fell in love with “from the first day we saw it”. Whether cutting wood, clearing a trail, repairing a fence or riding his horse, Rancho del Cielo is where Reagan relaxed.

    The Witness Wood® trimmed from trees encroaching on the ranch house, used to create this heirloom Commemorating Ronald Reagan was supplied by the Young American’s Foundation, whose relationship with then-Governor Reagan began in the 1970s and blossomed through the years, culminating in 1998 when the YAF stepped in to save President Reagan’s Western White House to preserve it as a living monument.

    “Preserving the Ranch and passing on the President’s values and ideas is Young America’s Foundation’s way of thanking Ronald Reagan for all he did for our country and the world. Today, Rancho del Cielo is a place of learning, a place of encouragement, a place of inspiration for generations to come”


    All pens are handcrafted by History Salvaged Master Makers and are made in America.

    Each is individually handmade and each varies in look and feel both in grain and shape.

    Each History Salvaged pen is custom handcrafted to order with a typical delivery time of approximately 2-3 weeks.

    Each pen is discreetly engraved with a Witness Wood® control number and arrives in a cherry presentation box and includes a Certificate of Authenticity with custom tamper proof corresponding hologram, history, and provenance 

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