Return Policy Seller Return Policy

Unless otherwise stated in sellers' Terms section for respective items, e-store tenants, hereinafter referred to as "Sellers" also “History Salvaged”, maintain the following return policy:

1. Buyers are assumed to have read this return policy and Terms section for respective items before making a purchase.

2. If any of the items in this return policy conflict with the terms set forth by the Sellers/History Salvaged in the item Terms section, the latter will control.

3. Every effort has been made by Sellers/History Salvaged to ensure the accuracy of all information, slight errors in advertising may unintentionally occur. Sellers/History Salvaged do not provide refund on minor errors on item description or unambiguous claims e.g. item is in good quality, not top quality.

4. Buyers should contact Sellers/History Salvaged by email or written correspondence in the form of a letter in case of faulty items and negative feedback to or on any channel in the Internet should only be left as a last resort.

5. Items will be delivered upon full payment to the buyers' address as in the order details. Buyers are assumed to have ensured correct delivery address at the time of making payment

6. Faulty items may be returned and a replacement item will be sent or a refund will be given if the correct item can not be sent. For items that go out of stock, buyers will be given a choice of a refund or to wait the period until there is stock.

7. Sellers/History Salvaged accept returns for an exchange, e-store credit, or refund within 14 days of receipt of the faulty item. Buyers will get their refund within 7 days after receipt of returned item. Returned item must be in its original condition i.e. with original casing, if any, with notice in the parcel containing buyers claims and order number.

8. All refunds will be made based on item price only, as in the order details.

9. If buyers would like a replacement item, they are to send the faulty item back to the Sellers/History Salvaged with resend shipping fees, otherwise Sellers/History Salvaged will only refund.

10. Postage and shipping charges of returned items are not refundable.

11.Sellers/History Salvaged do not collect any CODs for the returned items.

12. No returns or refunds offered if buyers have changed their minds about the items.

13. Charges deriving from delivery mistakes by Sellers/History Salvaged will be borne by Sellers/History Salvaged, and those deriving from mistakes by buyers will be borne by the buyers e.g. incorrect delivery address.

14. Sellers/History Salvaged are not directly liable for loss, theft, or damage to any items during transit.

15. If Sellers/History Salvaged feel that this return policy is being abused, they have the right to refuse any exchange, credit or refund.

16. Sellers/History Salvaged will inform the necessary buyers via email or phone call, any amendments to the item Terms overriding this return policy.

17.  Buyers may contact History Salvaged, LLC at for order details in resolving their problems.

This Agreement is effective upon acceptance for new users and is otherwise effective on July 1, 2012.