• "History You Can Hold" - SENTINEL KNIFE - Stonewalled Jackson Prayer Tree

    Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree

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    "History You Can Hold" - SENTINEL KNIFE - Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree

    History Salvaged has partnered with Palmetto Blades to create a unique offering of custom handcrafted knives featuring an assortment of Historic Witness Wood®. Complementing the History Salvaged commitment to “Keep History Alive”, the partnership expands our product line by offering what Palmetto describes as “History You Can Hold”.

    Each custom knife in this collection will begin with Palmetto’s one-of-a-kind custom Damascus blade, The Sentinel, which measures 6” overall length with a 2” saber ground edge. The handle construction will offer an option of an assortment of Historic Witness Wood® from History Salvaged to create the perfect, historic pocketknife. All knives are handmade and come with a custom, hand-tooled leather sheath made. 

    Please Note: Current lead-time on a knife is 60-90 days upon placement of an order and prices vary based on the Rarity of the Historic Witness Wood®.

    The Sentinel Knife


    • Overall Length: 6 Inches
    • Blade Length:  2 Inches
    • Blade Thickness: .1875 Inch
    • Blade Steel: Palmetto Custom Damascus 
    • Made in the USA

    __________________________________________________________________________Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree

    Our General "Stonewall" knives are created from Witness Wood® secured by History Salvaged and are made from a piece of the 350-year-old tree that General “Stonewall” Jackson stopped to pray under following the end of his Shenandoah Valley campaign in May and June of 1862.   

    History Salvaged has acquired several historic pieces of the massive oak that stood proudly on the edge of a farm field owned by Mr. and Mrs.  Wilkerson and their family until May 27, 2011, when the diseased-weakened oak was blown down by high winds. History Salvaged acquired these pieces with the express purpose of repurposing this Witness Wood® into a collection of hand-made heirloom custom and exclusively designed pens for discerning collectors, Civil War buffs and/or the ancestors of one of those who served with one of the great military figures in US History.


      • All Knives are handcrafted and made in America.

      • Each is individually hand made and each varies in look and feel.

      • All History Salvaged product is guaranteed authentic and made utilizing the wood describe and in conjunction with our partner clients.

      • All History Salvaged products arrive in Eco-Friendly packaging.

      • EacKnife comes with a custom handmade leather sheath and COA guaranteeing the Authenticity of the Witness Wood®.


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