• Jefferson's Poplar Forest HS Klassic Fountain Pen

    Thomas Jefferson

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    Jefferson's Poplar Forest HS Klassic Fountain Pen

    • HS Klassic Fountain Pen features Rhodium Hardware designed to highlight the craftsmanship utilized to properly present and feature the recently removed Poplar Forest Witness Wood® used to create this pen.
    • Created from original early 19th-century construction Witness Wood® acquired by History Salvaged that was removed from Jefferson's Poplar Forest retreat during recent and ongoing reconstruction.
    • The Poplar Forest retreat Witness Wood® is the focal point in this handcrafted heirloom-quality fountain pen.
    • Standard construction of the HS Klassic features a #6 medium Peter Bock German crafted nib (other Bock or 18K gold nib available upon request with upcharge)
    • Engraved: Thomas Jefferson
    • Made in the USA
    • Each pen is individually handcrafted and therefore may vary in look and feel



    History Salvaged has acquired several pieces of Witness Wood® recently removed during the restoration of the Poplar Forest plantation house that was designed by Thomas Jefferson. Inherited by Jefferson in 1773, Jefferson did not begin designing & working this private retreat and revenue-generating plantation until 1806.

    Poplar Forest was an important part of Jefferson’s life after age 65: a private retreat, situated far from public scrutiny, where he could indulge in his favorite pastimes of reading, studying and thinking. This was a creative time in his life. He wrote to friends and colleagues, oversaw his farms, exchanged plants and seeds with fellow gardeners, read ceaselessly and designed his most personal landscape and architectural creation at Poplar Forest—a place where he came to find rest and leisure, rekindle his creativity, and to enjoy private family time. Jefferson loved having his grandchildren accompany him to Poplar Forest where they would spend quality time together.

    The Witness Wood® acquired was removed during recent repairs and restoration.

  • Jefferson's Poplar Forest HS Klassic Fountain Pen
  • Jefferson's Poplar Forest HS Klassic Fountain Pen

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