• H.S. Cullen Pen #1 - Teddy Roosevelt

    Teddy Roosevelt

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    H.S. Cullen Pen #1  - Teddy Roosevelt

    This is the first pen created under the H.S. Cullen collaboration between History Salvaged and renown Pen Maker, Tim Cullen of Hooligan Georgia. This pen was inspired by the 26th President of the Untied States, Theodore Roosevelt. Widely considered one of America's greatest Presidents, Roosevelt was responsible for strengthening the nations position and influence around the world. An avid conservationist, Roosevelt was a reformer of industry, labor and monopolies. 

    Although we think of Roosevelt as President and politician, beyond his service as the Sheriff of the Dakota Territories, NY State Assemblyman, New York City Police Commissioner, Secretary of the Navy, Vice President and President, he famously fought in the Spanish American  War leading his "Rough Riders" up San Juan Hill and was also an author, historian, survivalist, naturalist, athlete and rancher.

    The design of this pen encompasses his love for the outdoors and his service to the country. The overlay on the cap of the pen started out as a single sheet of Nickel Silver. The design of the oak leaves and acorns was hand drawn onto the sheet of Nickel Silver and then the relief of the overlay was painstakingly sawed out of the sheet with a jewelers hand saw. The overlay was then completely hand engraved by the artist to include the details of the oak leaves and acorns as well as the image of Teddy Roosevelt in his military "Rough Rider" uniform. 

    Next, the overlay was formed into a cylinder and soldered together, two decorative brass rings were added to each end of the overlay and the overlay received a sleeved solid black ebonite insert. the number 26 was hand engraved into the solid bronze finial and inlayed into the black ebonite cap. 

    The barrel of the pen was constructed from a piece of Purple Birch (also known as Copper Birch) taken from a tree planted at the estate of Teddy Roosevelt, Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, NY. The tree, planted by Roosevelt was encroaching on the walk and road entrance to Sagamore Hill and was felled in 2015 for safety reasons.

    The barrel, like the cap is fully lined with black ebonite.


    HS Cullen #1 - Theodore Roosevelt - Fountain Pen


    Nickel Silver with  bronze accents


    • Artisan Handcrafted Fountain Pen by Tim Cullen.
    • Cap features Nickel Silver, Bronze and ebonite handcrafted, cut and engraved tribute to Teddy Roosevelt by Tim Cullen.
    • Barrel features handcrafted Teddy Roosevelt, Sagamore Hill, Purple Birch Witness Wood®.
    • Heirloom quality fountain pen is outfitted with a #6 size JoWo steel Ruthenium two tone medium nib. 

  • H.S. Cullen Pen #1 - Teddy Roosevelt
  • H.S. Cullen Pen #1 - Teddy Roosevelt

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