• Elmira Prison 1864-1865 - Cigar Ballpoint

    Elmira Prison 1864-1865

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    The History Salvaged is proud to offer our this Cigar Style Ballpoint as part of our Elmira Prison - Civil War Collection: produced from Witness Wood®  from historically significant Civil War sites.

    This Elmira Prison Cigar Style Ballpoint pen features 24K Gold Plate hardware and is made from a small quantity of oak plank that was used to construct and house Confederate Officers held at Elmira Prison in Elmira, NY in 1864 and 1865. Conditions were particularly awful at "Hellmira", where sanitation and clean water was near non-existent and where most prisoners had little shelter, even in the harsh winter.
    Following the end of the Civil War, lumber from the Confederate Officers quarters was used in 1866 to build 4 houses in the Town of Elmira. History Salvaged was recently able to acquire a collection of this original construction wood removed during a renovation and expansion of one of the 1866 homes.
    Just finding this rare 150+-year-old Witness Wood®, witness to some of the seminal events at this notorious Civil War Prison Camp, where more than 25% of the 12,100+ Confederate States of America prisoners of war died, is extraordinary in itself. 
    History Salvaged is committed to treat this Witness Wood® with the care and respect it deserves. To that end we are making the custom handcrafted:
    Elmira Prison 1864-1865
    This Cigar Style Ballpoint from the Elmira Prison oak is a must for the discerning collector, historian and/or Civil War buff
    Engraved: "Hellmira"  Elmira Prison 1864-1865

    All pens are handcrafted by or under the supervision of our Master Pen Craftsman and are made in America.

    Each is individually hand made and each varies in look and feel.

    All History Salvaged product come with a Certificate of Authenticity and is guaranteed authentic and made utilizing the wood describe and in conjunction with our partner clients.

    All History Salvaged products arrive in Eco-Friendly packaging.

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