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    History Salvaged is proud to introduce a unique writing instrument that although rarely used today was a instrument that our ancestors would have handled in various forms, the Dipping Pen.

    The Belle Grove Plantation Dipping Pen is made from the Belle Grove Mulberry Tree that welcomed visitors as they approached the Plantation entrance from the Bowling Green for the last 200 years. 

    Present from colonial times, the Belle Grove Mulberry Tree bore witness from America’s Revolutionary period, stood while the White House burned during the War of 1812 while James Madison who was born at Belle Grove Plantation served as our 4th President, saw both Union and Confederate troops crisscross her grounds during the Civil War, witnessed the pursuit of America’s most notorious assassin, and saw innumerable innovations, inventions and changes to our culture and way of life through the 20th century and into the 21st century, until she succumbed to disease and had to be removed in May 2013.

    Although handcrafted with the same care and respect afforded all of the product History Salvaged produces from “Witness Wood®”, History Salvaged Master Pen Maker has the flexibility to craft each Belle Grove Plantation Dipping Pen uniquely different. Without the constraints of the hardware necessary to craft our other pen styles, our Master Pen Maker can take creative license in uniquely shaping of each Dipping Pen, thus providing not only an heirloom piece of art in uniqueness of the grain but also in the shape of this fine writing instrument.

    History Salvaged has used the finest nibs available for the Belle Grove Plantation Dipping Pen.  Manufactured by renowned nib maker Brause, established in Germany 1850 Brause has been producing the highest quality steel nibs for more than 100 years. Although Brause produces several styles of nibs, the Belle Grove Plantation Dipping Pen is fitted with the model L'Ecoliere featuring a fine tip with a hard reaction that is good for drawing, writing, calligraphy, and monoline lettering.

    The Belle Grove Plantation Dipping Pen nibs can be removed, replaced and/or changed from the nib holder, which is seated inside of a 7mm brass tube that can also be removed if it needs to be cleaned. Each Belle Grove Plantation Dipping Pen measures approximately 6" long.

    Whether for display or function, this is a rare opportunity to own a one of a kind, handcrafted piece of art, an heirloom that can be passed down to the next generation only adding to the history that the "Witness Tree" that was the Belle Grove Mulberry has already absorbed!


    All pens are handcrafted by Master Pen Craftsman and are made in America.

    Each is individually hand made and each varies in look and feel both in grain and shape.

    All History Salvaged product is guaranteed authentic and made utilizing the wood describe and in conjunction with our partner clients.

    All History Salvaged products arrive in Eco-Friendly packaging.

  • Belle Grove Plantation Dipping Pen
  • Belle Grove Plantation Dipping Pen

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