GW Pens

With the recent opening GW Pens retail store and studio, History Salvaged's is proud to begin offering NON HISTORIC handcrafted pens created by our long time Master Pen Maker, John Greco.

Committed to Made in the USA creations of historic heirloom quality works of art and function, History Salvaged, LLC has long been partnered with John GrecoMaster Pen Maker for History Salvaged and Founder of GW Pens in the development, design and creation of fine quality heirloom writing instruments made from pieces of our historic past through the salvaging and repurposing of pieces of Witness Wood® from historic and cultural sites, buildings, vessels and items that would normally be discarded and lost to history.

Recently, John has independently opened his own Retail Store and Design Studio bringing mastered unique skills and product creation that exemplifies his artisan talents and craftsmanship to the public. History Salvaged is proud to have offer in addition to our historic Witness Wood® product, Non Historic crafted product designed and handcrafted by John.

Additionally, along with John's work with acrylics, Cebloplast and other materials, John, has perfected the skills necessary to turn stone into fine quality pens and is believed to be the first and one of only a very few craftsman in the USA to craft solid marble into pens.

Please visit our GW Pens page at to see and purchase some John's unique and exclusive handcrafted works of art.