• Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree - STERLING SILVER CUFF LINKS

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    Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree - STERLING SILVER CUFFLINKS

    • Hand-crafted solid sterling silver cuff links
    • Constructed from Jackson Prayer Tree oak Witness Wood® 
    • Featured in an heirloom-quality Cuff Links that have Jackson Prayer Tree and our Witness Wood® slogan recess molded on the reverse
    • Solid Sterling Silver Post
    • Made in the USA
    The  Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree - STERLING SILVER CUFFLINKS  features the History Salvaged Custom Designed round, solid post sterling silver setting featuring an History Salvaged - Witness Wood® concave face, is made from a piece of the 350-year-old tree that General Stonewall Jackson stopped to pray under following the end of his Shenandoah Valley campaign in May and June of 1862. 
    History Salvaged has acquired several historic pieces of the massive oak that stood proudly on the edge of a farm field owned by Warren and Catherine Wilkerson and their family until May 27, 2011, when the diseased-weakened oak was blown down by high winds.  History Salvaged acquired these pieces with the express purpose of repurposing this  "Witness Wood®" into several hand-made heirloom custom and exclusively designed pens and handcrafted Sterling Silver Cuff Links for the discerning collectors, Civil War buffs and/or the ancestors of one of those who served with one of the great military figures in US History.
    General Jackson and 15,000 men encamped between the Middle and South Rivers, gathered for prayer beneath this tree and as history and lore would remember, it became known as the "Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree".
    History Salvaged created this General "Stonewall" Jackson Cuff Links and all of our Civil War product to commemorate all those who gave blood and treasure in the Civil War and to honor all US Servicemen and women who fought from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan to preserve our freedom and way of life.

    All cufflinks are handcrafted by our silversmith and Artisan Craftsman and are made in America.

    Each is individually handmade and each varies in look and feel both in grain and shape.

    All History Salvaged product is guaranteed authentic and made utilizing the wood describe and in conjunction with our partner clients.

    All History Salvaged products arrive in Eco-Friendly packaging.

  • Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree - STERLING SILVER CUFF LINKS
  • Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree - STERLING SILVER CUFF LINKS

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