• "Build a Pen®" - HS SIGNATURE II - Postable Fountain Pen - Rhodium with Black Titanium Accents

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    "Build a Pen®" 

    The History Salvaged "Build a Pen®" Collection is an exquisite collection of custom-crafted pens featuring caps with one-of-a-kind miniature fine art paintings by renowned artist Karen Libecap.

    Karen has partnered with History Salvaged on an exclusive basis to create custom commissioned fine art for our customers.

    This unprecedented collaboration provides a unique opportunity for our clientele to create a personal Heirloom in the form of a Fine Art Painting of the clients choosing, combined with our master pen artisan's talents, to offer a museum-quality, functional piece of fine art in the form of a fountain pen or rollerball.

    The clientele will provide a photo or image of their choice for Karen to paint on the cap of one of 6 styles of History Salvaged custom-crafted pens. Additionally, clients will select from a variety of common, exotic and Witness Wood® that will comprise the barrel section of each one of a kind "Build a Pen®". The painting will then be processed and integrated by our Master Pen Maker into the cap housing to create a handcrafted work of functional Fine Art.

    The History Salvaged "Build a Pen®" Collection will complement our mission to "Keep History Alive" through the creation of family heirlooms and fine art that can be passed down from generation to generation, thus preserving family history and a historical record for the client.


    HS SIGNATURE II - Fountain Pen - Postable


    Rhodium with Black Titanium Accents


    • Fine Art Miniature Hand Painted Cap by Karen Libecap.
    • Premium Collector Quality Rhodium with Black Titanium Accents, engraved inset on the center band and solid silver finial featuring and identifying Karen Libecap as the artist.
    • Postable Cap features Client requested painted miniature by Karen Libecap and a Client determined wood body.
    • Heirloom, museum-quality pen is handcrafted and assembled in America by History Salvaged Master Pen Maker.
    • Upon completion of the finished miniature painted cap, History Salvaged will confer with the Client in the selection of an assortment of standard and exotic woods to complete the commissioned work.
    • German-made two-tone nib with an iridium point.
    • Current Delivery is approximately 6 weeks from placement of order and receipt of Client image to be painted by Karen Libecap.

    Details and Specifications

    The HS SIGNATURE II Fountain Pen has many remarkable features including premium-quality Rhodium plating; accent ring on the center band that is engraved; components are cast, polished then plated; the HS Signature II is slightly smaller and thinner than the HS Signature, and it too is flawlessly fit and finished; with superb balance, wonderful writing characteristics by our Master Pen Maker. 

    The HS SIGNATURE II Fountain Pen features a German-made two-tone nib with iridium point with a Peter Bock German nib upgrade available (price upon request). Additional upgrades include solid 18K gold nib (price upon request). 

    The HS SIGNATURE II is also available (upon request) in a rollerball design if preferred. 


  • "Build a Pen®" - HS SIGNATURE II - Postable Fountain Pen - Rhodium with Black Titanium Accents
  •  HS SIGNATURE II - Postable Fountain Pen - Rhodium with Black Titanium Accents

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