• Pen Artist Guild names Tim Cullen first ever President

    Open Letter from Tim Cullen

    October 21, 2017


    I’m proud to be named the first ever President of the Pen Artisan Guild. It is my hope to bring all Pen Artists together. The Guild will be a place where new and upcoming artists can learn to hone their skills from master pen makers David Broadwell, Jose Sumaquial, Eric Sands and Jonathon Brooksas well as many others. Fountain Pens have become very popular in a culture that relies on digital devices to do so many things. But there is nothing like having a handmade item from a skilled artist or craftsman. The great thing about fountain pens is that they are utilitarian works of art. Like a handmade watch, knife or pair of shoes.

    In the year, we will be hopefully featuring artists and their work on our website and on social media.

    It is also my wish to recognize those who set the standards for craftsmanship excellence. I have already decided that the Pen Artisan of year award will be named after David Broadwell. I also want to add awards in honor of Paul Rossi and Rich Littlestone.

    The San Francisco pen show held our first ever Pen competition and there were some amazing pieces.

    This is just the beginning.

    Thanks to Pen World Magazine for all the support of the Guild.

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