• History Salvaged & Palmetto Blades Team Up!

    February 19, 2019

    History Salvaged & Palmetto Blades Team Up
    Custom Handcrafted Knives featuring Historic Witness Wood®

    Philadelphia, PA— February 19, 2019 — Today at The Constitution Center, History Salvaged, LLC announced an exclusive collaboration with artisan knife maker Rick Simpson & Palmetto Blades of Due West, South Carolina, for the development and creation of a line of historic, heirloom and collectible handcrafted knives, thus enabling History Salvaged to continue offering its customers rare, unique, cultural and historically significant gifts and heirlooms that “Keep History Alive”.

    By creating handcrafted individual premium quality knives that feature historic Witness Wood®, History Salvaged and Palmetto Blades will make available rare and unique pieces of historic and functional art to the discerning collector, history buff and/or aficionado. “We are honored to be collaborating with History Salvaged on this project. By adding their rare collection of historic Witness Woods® to our handmade custom knives, we will create one-of-a-kind Palmetto Blades that will be the highlight of anyone’s collection.” Said, Rick Simpson of Palmetto.

    Due to the limited availability of truly historic Witness Wood®, History Salvaged and Palmetto Blades will be accepting commissions for their limited production historic Witness Wood® knives. Clients can select from available Witness Woods® that will be incorporated in to Palmetto proprietary designs and handcrafted along with various metal work, including highly prized Alabama Damascus, to create heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations, workmanship and components that not only tells a story but is truly, “History You Can Hold”.

    “Ricky has been fortunate to be able to combine two things he loves into a business, history and knife making! We are proud to work exclusively with Palmetto Blades in the creation of these historic heirlooms, by adapting their unique talent with our historic Witness Wood® we can provide our respective clients new and exciting product” said Bob DeMartino, Founder at History Salvaged, LLC.

    Founded in 2015, History Salvaged, LLC is the worldwide leader in acquisition of historic Witness Wood® (History Salvaged trademarked description and cornerstone of their business) and the creation of luxury fine writing instruments featuring culturally and historic Witness Wood®.

    For more information, press only:
    Bob DeMartino
    848-992-6117 (cell)

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